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Port Elgin Beaches

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Port Elgin Main Beach

Port Elgin main beach is a hive of activity. During the summer season visitors flock to the main beach to swim, sunbath, stroll and relax. The waters are shallow and ideal for family activites. Recently, several volleyball courts have been installed and the venue hosts a local league and annual tournaments. This beach is ideal for families that love high energy.

Gobles Grove

Situated at the southern point of Port Elgin, Gobles Grove is a low key beach area. It is much quieter than the Port Elgin main beach but still has lots of room for activities. The water is shallow and clear and a great place for young children. The shoreline is spotted with cottages and it has a very "cottagey" feel to the area. 

Shipley Beach

Nestled half way between Port Elgin main beach and Gobles Grove is Shipley Beach. It is a very small beach and you will have to be early to get a good position. This is th eperfect beach to visit if you are looking to get away from the crowds, read a book and just enjoy the sunshine. Parking is very limited and there is a short pathway that leads from the street.