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Elizabeth Eby Myomassology Practitioner
Port Elgin, Ontario
  • Relaxing and private treatment room
  • Comfortable modern and up-to-date equipment
  • Treatment room with fireplace
  • Convenient Hours: Early Morning - Evening - Wknd
  • Relax
  • Extraordinary experience
Please note: Some business hours may vary due to COVID-19.

Certified Aesthetician & Foot Care Specialist

Welcome to Myomassology, a unique form of body work and probably unlike anything you have ever tried before, you will not believe the difference.

Myomassology is a highly integrated therapy designed to provide the whole body with a deep sense of well being and pain relief. It touches on all forms of therapies including muscle and body work, pain and tension reduction, relaxation, energy balancing and healing.

The word Myomassology can be broken into 3 parts - 'Myo" meaning muscle, 'mass' stands for massage, 'ology' means the practice of. Myomassology is the practice of muscle massage and an integrated approach to massage therapies. Myo can include some of the ancient techniques using Chinese Fire Cupping, Tui Na, cranial-sacral and reflexology. Contraction Release Therapy is unique to Myomassology and is very effective on muscles which cannot relax in the natural process or from relaxation massage.

I have fulfilled the requirements of the Canadian Examining Board Certification and have the designation of 'Certified Myomassology Practitioner', C.M.P. I am a registered member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, NHPC and able to provide a receipt for extended health benefit plans.

617 Goderich St.
Port Elgin, Ontario, N0H2C0

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